Summer Sale

This sale is now over, please get in touch with us via Chat (click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen) and ask for currently available discounts or promotions. 


The summer might be ending slowly, but we will never stop coming up with new ideas to improve our products and indulge our customers.

What could be the best way to introduce a long awaited sun shade solution, other than to offer it for free and throw in some additional discounts?

Are you thinking about purchasing your Hypedome to keep you warm and cozy on the colder, rainy days? This might be the best time to do so. Here’s what we offer:


This special offer is only valid until midnight this Sunday (August 30th).

Take your time, but don’t dwell on the decision either.

Click the button below to get this one-off great bundle and order your Hypedome this weekend!