9 ways to increase your profit from al fresco dining

Increase your profit with an indoor-outdoor space for all-weather, all-year al fresco dining

Now, with the HypeDome, restaurateurs can have the best out of both outdoor and indoor worlds. The great experience of eating outside, yet completely sheltered from the elements, allowing your guests to use outdoor areas all year round.

Below we have listed 9 most important ways you can apply to your outdoor space to increase profit from your outdoor dining area, patio lounge, rooftop bar or beer garden. HypeDome will help you introduce all of them. 

1. Provide shelter from rain and cold

HypeDome is a completely transparent, elegant and frameless pod that creates an almost invisible protection for your patio diners. Each HypeDome (Size: S) can comfortably host up to 10 people standing next to cocktail tables or 6 people seated at the round table with enough space for your waiting staff to walk around them. And the best thing about this set-up? Each seat is a window seat! 

HypeDome is made out of 100+ glass-like, polycarbonate, hexagonal panels that make it look very stylish and will shield your guests from rain and cold.

Its compact size of 3.6m (11.8 ft) diameter and 10 m2 (108 sq ft) footprint makes it extremely versatile and allows to heat up the interior easily even during cold winter evenings. 

2. Protect your guests from strong winds

HypeDome is a perfect wind screen, yet with enough ventilation to enjoy fresh outdoor air. Now your visitors can stay outside even on a stormy day, completely sheltered from those wind gusts that take away menus and napkins. 

3. Provide shade on sunny days

Equipped with a revolving sail-shaped sun screen (additional accessory, available soon), HypeDome will also provide shade and protect your patrons from too much heat on those sunny days. Additionally, it blocks 98% UV radiation, protecting people from harmful UV exposure.

4. Protect your furniture and furnishings

Hype shelters your patio furniture too. No need to take down, stack, tie, secure and cover outdoor tables and chairs. Inside the HypeDome, they will always stay dry, clean and secure. Plus complete UV protection means it extends the lifespan of your furniture too - no need to worry about sun damage, fading, discolouration or those annoying bird droppings!

 Longer life of your patio furniture, equals smaller operating costs, and that translates to more profit for you. 

5. Keeps insects away

Thanks to HypeDome you can also protect your guests from unwanted bugs.
 Pests, flies, moths and especially mosquitos can ruin even the best dining experience, therefore bugs control should be your top concern if you want to provide comfortable environment for your guests. HypeDome acts like an invisible shield from all creatures that are not welcomed. This is another worry less on your shoulders. 

6. Turn dining into a unique experience

HypeDome turns typical outdoor dining into a unique experience for your guests. We guarantee that they will be intrigued and excited about staying inside. Now offer delicious food, drinks and outstanding service and they will leave with a great story to tell, providing you with a free and very effective marketing. At the end of the day, it’s a word of mouth that creates hype! 

7. Create an intimate private spaces for all of your guests

By setting up a large number of seats on a limited space you risk that your outdoor tables are set too close to each other. The last thing your visitors want is to hear the conversation happening at the table next to them. 

HypePod has another truly unique feature - it creates an intimate private space for a small group of people, yet it doesn’t alienate from other guests and the rest of the environment. 

8. Make your neighbours happy 

HypeDome can even help you keep the noise level down. If you have residential neighbours in direct proximity, keeping the noise low may be crucial for your allowed operating hours. Thick and rigid polycarbonate panels in connection with a dome geometry have good sound insulation characteristics, helping your neighbours sleep undisturbed. 

9. Add wow-factor and... make some Hype!

Finally, HypeDome enables you to create a truly unique and instantly “instagramable” space. It doesn't only provide several practical ways of increasing your restaurant’s revenue, but most importantly it adds a novel wow-factor to your outdoor seating area. Are you ready for… Hype?