Cork's Lapp's Quay is home to brand new dining igloos

Cork's Lapp's Quay is home to a set of brand new dining igloos. First setup of this kind in Ireland.


"With the way Covid was and still is, with social distancing and dining out, we felt we could try something different" - Said Sean McCarthy managing partner of Tequila Jacks's. 

Since the restaurant is located on the picturesque riverside just across the historical City Hall, clear dining igloos were a natural choice. 

"When the sun is shining down there it could literally be anywhere in the world. You're facing south, blue water flowing, the setting is ideal." - said Mr. McCarthy.


The first weekend of the dining igloos at Tequila Jack's was planned a soft launch with no advertisement in place. That being said brand new dining domes at the Lapp's Quay immediately attracted the attention of passersby and media.

Tagged posts were starting to pop-up on Instagram, the media started calling for interviews. What supposed to be a soft launch ended with (positive) shock to the restaurant owners, which did not expect such a great uptake in the bookings.


Article by the Irish Examiner touches on the subject of "instagramability" of the domes, it is a common theme in articles covering the dining domes, whether it is Tequila Jack's, The Willow Tree, Cardiff Distillery or Cape Cornwall Club.

 It is not a rocket science to set up a sponsored post that comes and goes once you run out of advertising budget. You may do that with greater or smaller success. What really works is encouraging visitors to share their experiences on social media. No advertisement works as well as an endorsement from a friend, family member or a popular blogger.


It is such a unique concept that even media or people that use social media for a living will be willing to cover their experience free of charge.  Hypedome is an investment that pays-off in many ways. With easy to disinfect surface and state of the art air purifiers able to catch 99,95% of particles as small as 0.1 micron it is not only an effective solution to offer social distancing in this troubled times, but it is an also a way for the industry to land on its feet, despite a great loss of business over the past few months.