Cape Cornwall Club Dining Pods - Dine With The View

Cape Cornwall Club is a luxurious facility in Cornish Penzance including 18-hole golf course, sleeping suites, plenty of event area, pool, spa and last but not a restaurant with multi-award winning (including Michelin Star) Masterchef Peter Gorton in charge. 

CCC's deck overlooks the spectacular landscape of Cape Cornwall. It begs the outdoor dining area where visitors could feast both their eyes and their taste buds. There is only one issue - it is extremely windy at times. Up to 100mph!

This is where Hypedome steps in. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions the dining pod provides beautiful panoramic views of the surroundings while providing the comfort of a restaurant. Indeed blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.

Of course in the current situation, it is also a very good solution for social distancing. Each of the three dining pods easily accommodates 6 people - with the actual capacity of up to 8 people around the circular table. 

The domes are easy to disinfect and ventilate between each group.

The domes were met with huge enthusiasm of guests, media and bloggers. Including Ross Lannon - well-known lifestyle & disability blogger who praised our dining pods for accessibility: low threshold and door that was able to accommodate his motorised wheelchair.

Here are a few quotes that describe his experience: 

"As someone who loves his own privacy / space, I could not recommend this experience enough. Not only did I feel completely safe to be back out in public, the novelty of the dome really did make for a special evening."

"Once inside the dome, the atmosphere was a lot more spacious than expected - with plenty of room to manoeuvre and distance ourselves around the table. I was lucky enough to enjoy the experience with my family, yet the dome can hold up to 8 people in total."

"The dome dining experience gave me confidence to eat out whilst maintaining complete social distancing - so I hope to see more venues adopt safety measures like this in the near future. "