"Your new personal space" - Hypedome in The Sunday Telegraph

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On 26 of July 2020, our friend Hollie Grant and her Hypedome were featured on the cover of the supplement to The Sunday Telegraph. The main theme of the article was the rise of the "super shed". 

Over the past century, garden structures were often relegated to the role of lawnmower storages, but recent events made us rethink space management in our homes and around them.

Image by courtesy of Hollie Grant

If you follow our Instagram you may know that Hollie is the owner of PilatesPT studios in London with a popular online training programme.

Since the lockdown, she started to teach online classes from her living room, making it feel more like a work zone. Something she wished to avoid. Then came the Hypedome which is now the centre of her training activities.

Hypedome stands out from other outdoor structures featured in the article, not only in terms of looks, but also when it comes to the purchase price and assembly time.

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