Gym Closed? Create Your Own In This Backyard Garden Gym

The spread of COVID-19 has put a massive halt on a lot of businesses but one of the industries that have been greatly impacted with no sign of reopening anytime soon is the fitness industry. Gyms, studios, and workout centers are closed around the world and many people have found themselves missing their daily escape to clear their minds and burn some calories. With social distancing continuing to extend, it’s becoming easier and easier to want to sit inside, curl up, and watch Netflix all day.

No longer having a set routine of going to work and the gym is taking a toll on some, this is why creating a new regimen is especially important. Working out in your home or garage is definitely not for everyone and if you’re one of those people, we have a solution.

The Hypedome can provide the ability to create your own private backyard or garden gym and help you gain the sense of a set routine back. 

Garden Gym

Your new studio will be sitting just feet from your home, allowing you to squeeze in your daily workout in the morning, during your lunch break, or at night. If you want to even ramp up your training regime, you can head to the dome multiple times per day, which is far better than numerous commutes to the gym.

If you’re a person who loves group classes like spinning, pilates, yoga or crossfit, you can create your own dedicated area to fit your needs. You can leave towels where you want them, play your music, have all the water bottles you need, and you can even switch the space from a morning yoga studio to a mid-day crossfit class!

While the pod doesn’t include workout partners, it does provide plenty of room for the gear - whether it’s free weights or a treadmill. With over 108 sq ft, the Hypedome garden gym can fit several types of fitness machines based on your preference. 

We’d recommend contacting your regular studio or gym to see about equipment rental as a lot of places are renting out weights, bikes, and more to help their members stay in shape and sane during this stressful time.

If you already have what you need to put the work in that’s even better! You could just use a great place to do it which is why creating your own personal garden gym within weeks would be a great option. For example, Hypedome is very easy to assemble and takes around 4-6 hours to set up with two people, which could be a warm up for your sweat sesh. 

You can schedule workouts online or even in-person sessions with your trainer if you keep your distance. Just grab your iPad, Smartphone, or laptop and start your online training class whenever you are ready!

This dome could even be a great option if you are a personal trainer yourself. You can change the space around in order to accommodate different client’s needs. If you’ve already made the switch to doing online programs, you can record and host these classes in there. This would free you from the distraction of your children running in the session or your partner walking through the class with no pants on. Plus, it provides a unique and vibrant backdrop for your videos!

Excercising in garden gym

With the continued spread of the virus, it’s best to prepare for workout centers to be shut down for a while, which is extremely unfortunate. But this doesn’t mean that your training routine needs to fall by the wayside. If you’re still unsure about just how much you can do in your space, check out all the exercise variations we’ve seen possible here. Just set up your personal gym in your very own Hypedome so you never have to miss out on the opportunity to get a good sweat in.

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