Treadmill Running in an Outdoor Gym

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach. 


If you are considering housing your beloved treadmill in a Hypedome, read on to learn more about running in your new outdoor gym.

You must have seen the video of my epic, 30 minutes run on a treadmill in our Hypedome outdoor gym. In this short time I covered a whopping 196 850 inches! Or, as the glass is half empty people would say: 5 kilometres. Though the main focus was obviously on my impeccable running technique, a close observer like yourself probably also noticed the unique setting in which it was taking place.

Here are some of my thoughts on Hypedome running, which might not be obvious from just watching the video:

Space inside

Quick facts: 

I’m 185 cm tall (approx. 6’1’’) and I was using a fairly big treadmill which offers up to 10% incline.

The Hypedome is 2.3m (more than 7’6’’) high in the centre. 

Placing the treadmill in the middle allows plenty of headroom even for tall runners.

An average fellow like myself also had enough comfort running when pushed closer to the wall, to allow a simultaneous workout on an elliptical trainer as you can see on the picture below.

Temperature and airflow

I can tell, from my own experiences with training in the Hypedome outdoor gym, that if it’s warm outside, it’s also warm inside the dome. Personally, I enjoy running in such conditions. Just as some people like lower air density in the high mountains or gradual asphyxiation in central London. Still, for very hot days or for a milder workout, as well as for starting your day on the right barefoot, you can consider an early morning session.

We’ll be shooting further videos during different weather circumstances and with useful accessories installed, so stay tuned for updates.


Since treadmills and big bones tend to be a noisy combination, you might want to consider putting some sort of a mat or ground covering underneath. That would be obsolete if you chose to get your Hypedome outdoor gym equipped with a soft floor.

Overall experience

It’s definitely hard to compete with a lovely jog in the forest or somewhere along the coastline. I’m still reminiscing my ups and downs the Beachy Head while I was living in Eastbourne. However, having the comfort of a treadmill protected from the elements while preserving the unobstructed views of the garden is a very good alternative.

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