Work OUT with Chris: Episode 1 - Using Treadmill in Your Garden Gym

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach.


Hello and welcome to our blog!

Here’s Chris in the written format. Sorry, you can’t appreciate my accent that way, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

If you managed to watch the above video of me standing in front of our beautiful garden gym (sorry, you’ll never get these 30 seconds back), you must have noticed I’m doing quite a good impression of a person who’s uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. In our garden gym, I’ll be attempting various exercises to give you an overview of what’s possible. My aim is to be rather objective. It would be fantastic if we could get into a dialogue, so I encourage any comments, questions and requests from your side. Moderate mocking is also permitted.

So, if you want to see any particular exercise in our garden gym or have a question about its features - please let me know. Whether by email, social media or a call.

And now, let’s watch how I don’t even break a sweat during a 5 km run: