Staying Hydrated When Training Outside

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach.

As the weather starts to improve, people begin looking for ways to take up training outside. However, even in inclement conditions, Hypedome offers people the chance to exercise in the fresh air. Whenever and wherever you choose to exercise at home, it’s crucial to ensure you are drinking enough water.

Whether you are already a fitness fanatic or are just starting, you may not know that a water bottle is a crucial piece of keep-fit kit. But why is this so important? Let’s take a look at why any garden gym workout requires you to hydrate yourself fully.

You’ll Be Losing Sweat

The science behind exercise hydration is simple. As you sweat, you’ll lose water, but, did you know the body’s water content is not the same for both sexes? According to new research, the average is 50% - 65% for men and 45% to 60% for women. Therefore, as soon as you begin sweating - whether you’re training outside or inside - you should be ready to top back up with fresh water. Without it, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated.

It can lead to mental deterioration, as well as problems with your physical performance. That’s why, anyone who exercises regularly should make sure to drink little and often. Failure to periodically drink enough during exercise may also lead to changes in your mood.

Should You Drink Water or Sports Drinks?

The sports drinks market has never been bigger, but expert opinions lean heavily towards H2O. That is if you are only likely to be exercising for short periods. Sports drinks and formulae are great for endurance runners, and those who take on more intensive activities.

However, for sheer ease and availability, it is healthy enough to fill up a sports bottle with plain water. Water is inarguably the best liquid for simple hydration. Therefore, it’s also worth leaving any protein drinks you may wish to take for after your session, too.

Am I Hydrated Enough?

Hydration is not always easy to spot through thirstiness. Long-term dehydration is harder to detect, and it may occur through not drinking enough while exercising. For example, if you notice that your urine is starting to take on a rusty colour, it’s a clear sign you are not drinking enough.

A lack of water will also cause headaches and confusion. If you leave your workouts feeling dizzy or ill at ease, you may need to start drinking more.

Training Outside and Drinking More

If you’re exercising in the sunshine, it is also likely that the heat will make you thirsty. So, whether you train using Hypedome or in the open air, it is important to plan ahead.

Training outside or indoors, if you don’t keep yourself hydrated, you are at risk of losing mental and physical control. Take your garden gym workout seriously – grab a sports bottle.