Private Yoga and Meditation Dome To Save Your Sanity

Imagine waking up with the sun shining through your windows, grabbing a glass of lemon water, and walking out your back door to your own private yoga and meditation studio. You might think this sounds like a dream, and it is! But it’s also a dream that’s not out of reach and can soon be your reality. Walking through your backyard barefoot to your own little sanctuary is the perfect start to your morning routine and for getting in a positive headspace for your day.

The practice of yoga and meditation can have incredible health benefits for your mind and body. When practiced consistently, meditation is a wonderful tool to help you reduce stress, anxiety, and allow you to practice mindfulness in situations as they’re happening. Yoga also has similar effects on the body by aiding in decreased stress and anxiety levels, improving flexibility, and developing better breathing habits, upon many other perceived health benefits.

Having a beautiful, private space to conduct your mediation and yoga practice can be a helpful motivator to starting and consistently showing up for your morning routine


If you’re new to practicing meditation, your only focus should be on your breathing, if you’re mind starts to wander, notice it and bring it back to your breath. Meditation is a practice of learning to be still and just “being” without any pressure from yourself to do it “perfect.” Start off slow with a couple of minutes per day to just be. If you’re finding your mind starts to wander, don’t be hard on yourself, instead just bring it back to your breath. If you’re unsure where to start, download a guided meditation app like Headspace or Calm to start building up your practice. When you are ready, you can move to other meditation apps - or try meditating without one!

Having and using a secluded or quiet place, like the Hypedome, is the perfect setting for tranquil, uninterrupted meditation practice.

Yoga also has amazing health benefits and can get your morning started right. It’s a combination of stretching, exercise, and meditation that is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Yoga can provide instant relief and gratification but also has long terms benefits including total-body strength and flexibility.

The best part about practicing yoga and mediation inside your Hypedome is that you have the option of transforming your dome into a hot yoga studio if you prefer a more intense yoga session. During the summer months, you wait until the hottest part of the day as the interior of the Hypedome can heat up on hot, sunny days. If you are in a colder climate a standalone, electric heater, or radiator will quickly warm the inside of your Hypedome.

If you’re worried about the Dome being too warm, don’t be! Having your daily yoga or meditation practice in the mornings is the easiest solution to beating the heat. Even if your location has very warm days and nights, the Hypedome has an optional ventilation window. And if it’s very warm, we suggest keeping the entrance door open for airflow. Another great option for your Hypedome is to equip it with an optional panel that allows for a small, stand-alone A/C unit to be neatly installed. 

There is truly no limit to the possibilities your Dome can create for you! 

If you’re looking for your own, private space to wind down, breathe and clear your mind, you can now create the perfect environment with Hypedome and stay outdoors all-year-round.

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