Work OUT with Chris - Episode 3: Kettlebell Workout

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach. 

Yet another busy day at our Hypedome Garden Gym - I’ve just finished a 20 minute kettlebell workout. As you can see in the video, weather was mild that day and it actually did rain quite a bit. Luckily, inside the dome felt nice and peaceful and I could focus on the routine without worrying about slipping on wet grass.

Even though I love kettlebells and I find them the single best piece of gym equipment one can have at home, I don’t consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Luckily, that’s where the aforementioned Steve Cotter comes in. He created this particular kettlebell workout you could see me doing in the dome.

As you could observe, I was moving constantly for about 20 minutes and the only rest periods were still keeping me busy with the so called around the body pass. Essentially, I haven’t set the kettlebell down once for the entire time. When I wasn’t passing the weight from hand to hand I was performing all the different kinds of movements: swings, clean & press, windmills, squats, snatch and - the king of all kettlebell workouts - the Turkish getup. Hypedome turned out to be spacious enough, even though a substantial part of the floor area was taken by our clunky treadmill.

If you’re looking for a great way to exercise at home, I hope you consider a kettlebell workout. Especially, a circuit like the one above gets your heart pumping without the negative impact on the joints.

Here are some promised, useful links:

  • A quick trailer of what to expect from Steve Cotter’s Extreme Kettlebell Workout
  • Here's the Amazon link to the DVD series - sadly, it's currently unavailable. Worth reaching out directly, as this is truly a brilliant set of exercises for all kettlebell enthusiasts
  • No kettlebell blog post can be complete without mentioning the one and only Pavel Tsatsouline. If you know this type of training already, he needs no introduction. If you want to get into the topic of kettlebell workouts, his website might be the best place to start.