Work OUT with Chris - Episode 6: Hip Mobility Exercises in a Garden Gym

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach. 

In this short video I wanted to show you a couple of easy exercises that will help with warming up your hips. Doing them in the morning or prior to your garden gym workout will also be beneficial to the quality of how you’re bending at your hips.

Bending at the hips (instead of bending at the waist) allows you to keep your lower back straight and helps to protect it. This results in the risk of injury or strain being significantly decreased. Especially, when lifting something heavy or staying in a bent position (for example: while gardening) for a long period of time.

Half-way through the video you can see me performing a movement known so far only to the Ministry of Silly Walks. Rest assured that this is an actual warm up exercise and not a way of keeping your neighbours and household members entertained.

Here’s the promised link to an invaluable source of inspiration named Tim Ferriss. He demonstrates further hip mobility drills. Quite similar to what we’re doing in our videos, only without the beautiful Hypedome garden gym and the funny accent.