This Stunning Garden Gym is Perfect For Backyard Workouts

Most home gyms are in places that you don’t enjoy spending much time in like the garage or the basement, making it easy to want to skip your daily workout. Wouldn’t it be nice to set up your garden gym in a place you love and are excited to spend time in each day? That’s why a dome might be a perfect place to create your own private exercise room.

Working out in your yard has many benefits, like not having a commute, no sweat stains from someone who didn’t clean their weights after using them, and your equipment is always left just the way you like it. Plus, at any moment inspiration strikes, day or night, you can walk outside to your own garden gym to get your workout in.

Your own personal dome could be delivered in weeks and it’s easy to assemble yourself so there’s no risk of infection from hiring an outside crew. Especially during any extenuating circumstances when gyms or workout centers might be closed for extended periods of time with no set date to reopen. Having a dedicated area of your own provides the perfect opportunity to create a workout room tailored to your exercise preferences. You can play any kind of music you like on a speaker, bring your laptop out to watch your favorite show while on the treadmill, or even do workouts with your housemates or partner.  

No matter what type of training you prefer, the Hypedome garden gym is well-suited to accommodate almost any at-home exercise regime, for any level. Creating your own workout oasis designed for your personal use can make it much easier to head into your workouts with vigor and excitement.

Backyard dome workout

If you are wondering how you can use the Hypedome as your own personal garden gym, check out these great options that you can tailor to your exact wants and needs.

If you’re interested in practicing yoga or using this space for mediation purposes, the natural light shining through the glass ceiling provides a peaceful environment for you to begin a comfortable outdoor practice. We even have ideas for you to decorate your dome here. You can make the dome your own little sanctuary with plants, blankets, and books for your practices. Plus, at 7.6 ft or 2.3 meters high, there is plenty of room for downward dogs, chair pose, or even handstands. Just grab your mat, blocks, straps, and bolsters, and design a comfortable setting that invites you into your practice each day.

If high-energy workouts like Peloton or treadmills are more your style, the Hypedome garden gym provides the ideal space for you to lose yourself in live classes. Just hook your bike or any other machine up to an extension cord and enjoy it. Training here will help your mind by having a full view of the beautiful outdoors, you can even open the door to let in the fresh air and have airflow while you’re working out.

Weights workout in garden gym

Maybe you are into HIIT or circuit training that takes you up, down, and around the floor. You’ll want a set up that provides enough space for these workouts. Garden gym in a dome leaves enough room for even the most intense workouts, including heavyweights and kettlebells.

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