Should You Eat Before During Or After a Garden Workout

If you’re looking to start a regular garden workout, you will have to fuel your body correctly. However, depending on the information source, there is varying advice on whether it’s best to eat before, during or after exercise.

Therefore, it’s worth looking closely at the available facts and science. Are you thinking about commencing some garden gym exercise in a Hypedome? Make sure you’re topped up on the right nutrition at the right times.

Eating Before Exercise

Generally, you should think about fueling your body up to two hours before you begin any kind of training. Heading straight into a garden workout without stored energy will not lead to a successful session. At the very least, hydration is essential.

However, there seems to be consensus around the fact that with hydration, the consumption of healthy carbohydrates is a plus. Think, whole wheat toast, brown rice, fruit and veg, low-fat yoghurt, skimmed milk, and even brown rice and whole-grain pasta.

Additionally, there is building evidence to suggest that you can burn more fat by fasting before exercise. Data shows that your body is increasingly likely to use its existing fat as energy rather than fresh calories. The science is well tested; however, fasting before exercising is an art and something you should only do if you know what you’re doing.

Eating During Exercise

Of course, there are plenty of us who eat during exercise, too. Professional nutritionists suggest topping up on a few healthy calories mid-exercise is a great idea if you are taking on a strenuous set or any form of endurance.

For example, if you exercise for several hours, make sure to stop for a few hundred calories, and for a few minutes in between. Otherwise, merely topping up on water is enough. Athletes may also wish to drink sports formulas and drinks to help replace electrolytes.

If you’re working out in a Hypedome, you may consider equipping it with a small refrigerator. All you need is a power source, but you probably have it anyway for the lights or your training apparatus. It would help keep the liquids cool and the food fresh. Especially, when performing a longer routine on a warm day.

Eating After Exercise

Eating after your training is especially important. While your aim may have been to burn calories, your body is going to need to replace a few nutrients, as well as water. However, there seems to be a split consensus on how soon you need to refuel after working out.

Many people choose to consume high protein foods or complexes straight after exercise. In some studies, that has proven to be immensely beneficial to muscle growth and retention. In other research, when you consume protein after a workout, the results don’t seem to show much difference.

However, the consensus we can all agree on is clear. You must make sure to eat and drink soon after cooling down; otherwise, you’re likely to crash out sooner rather than later.

When Should You Eat During a Garden Workout?

Finding any kind of consensus on when to eat in regard to garden keep fit or any type of garden workout is tricky. However, providing you are taking on calories shortly after you cool down, you’ll be doing your body a world of good. However, don’t take on fasting regimes unless you are fit and healthy enough to do so.