The most beautiful way to work out

Hypedome creates a space for you to follow your passion. Whether it's yoga, run on a treadmill or a full-body kettlebell workout - be fit and healthy, #StayAtDome

Your own indoor-outdoor gym 

Train outside

Hypedome is a one of a kind garden gym that will help you stay on your fitness-track no matter the circumstances.

Train safe

It's big enough for you to pursue your fitness goals, it's also small enough to fit in almost any garden. 

Train now

Order online and expect a quick delivery. No permits required. It takes half a day to build. Start your new journey now or pick it up where you let off.

Why invest in a garden gym?

Save space at home

Are you tired of your elliptical cluttering up your bedroom? Treadmill doesn't slide under the bed as easily as advertised? You want to work out, but you have guests staying in the room where the bench is?

Build a space outside. Move all your equipment there. Free up your house.

About us image
About us image

Have a dedicated workout area

Keeping motivation to train regularly is difficult enough. Don't make it harder on yourself by having to worry about the noise your barbell makes. Don't ventilate the entire house just to get rid of this gym smell after each workout.

Find the inner peace and mindfulness in every yoga session, without the family members interfering with it.

Stay healthy, stay safe

With no clear guidelines and the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, a private gym right next to your home is a good, long term investment.

Save time and money on long commutes and gym fees.

Build your own Garden Gym
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Why is Hypedome the best choice?

It's small but spacious

With 2,3m headroom and 3,6m diameter it offers plenty of space to perform just about every type of workout.

It will blend in nicely with every garden and on every patio. No planning permission is required.

About us image
About us image

Get it quickly, build it easily

Hypedome might be the only garden gym that you can start using in a matter of days! Simply order it online and get it delivered right to your doorstep in small, pretty boxes.

No foundation is required and no installation crew needs to be called in. All tools are included along with the step by step assembly instructions. All you need is a pair of helping hands.

Benefits of an outdoor workout

Enjoy the beautiful garden view from the inside of a fully clear dome. Watch the rain falling all around you and stay completely dry.

Feeling sleepy in the morning? Follow profesor Matthew Walker's advice: "getting 30 to 40 minutes of outside morning light is critical". Studies have shown that getting plenty of bright light exposure helps to decrease the stress hormone's level.

Build your own garden gym
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Join our #StayAtDome tribe

Order your Hypedome Garden Gym now

We are sure you'll love our dome that's why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Become a part of our ever growing Hypedome enthusiasts community and feel at dome.

What Hypedome users say?

Declan Davison
Bournemouth, UK

I used to workout at home. But then my family and our small business grew bigger. I can only find time in early mornings or evenings. Thanks to my Hypedome, I can train again without waking everybody up.

Cheryl Wilkinson

Inverness, UK

I got back to doing yoga every morning since I got the Hypedome Garden Gym a few months ago. My husband and our 3 children know I can't be bothered when I go do my workout.

Bethany Lamb

Cardiff, UK

I was so fed up with pushing my clunky treadmill from room to room. It ended up in the basement for some years. Now, I don't only have a place for my private gym, but I'm also very keen on jogging almost every day!

Key Features

Outdoor workout

Get the benefits of the outside light exposure, but with UV protection.

Make space

Free-up your house. Get your gym equipment a new home.

Be safe

Don't risk getting infection, work out at your own gym.

Save money

No commute, no monthly fees. Build it once, enjoy for years.


Make as much noise as you want, but let it stay inside the dome.

Impact floor 
Optional / Coming soon 

Don't worry about damaging the floor, let these weights drop.

Easy process

Order online, delivery to your door, no crew or tools required.

Extremely rigid

Withstands violent winds, 200x times stronger than glass, unbreakable


Easy to move and easy to store. When packaged, it fits in the car boot

All year, all weather

Rain, wind, snow and UV protected. Use it all-year round in any climate


With 10+ years of lifespan, Hypedome is a long-lasting investment

Low maintenance

Requires no on-going maintenance other than keeping it clean

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Feel good, read well

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