Garden igloo dome to improve the safety of care home visits

Covid-19 pandemic made an impact on all of us. However, due to a naturally weak immune system seniors are amongst the groups of highest risk. 

In April Lapal House care home (Halesowen, UK) suffered an outbreak of coronavirus with 5 residents and 13 staff tested positive.

Fortunately, the care home is now Covid-19 free and to maintain this, the management took several measures to allow safe visits by the loved ones decreasing the risk of new infections.

Source: Halesowen News

One of which is the introduction of the Hypedome garden igloo that allows outdoor visits between friends and family members regardless of weather conditions. 

The igloo dome is constantly ventilated and disinfected between the visits. There is also an additional screen between the residents and the visitors. Naturally, it is not a time for hugging and touching.

It's been a godsend - it's been an unbelievable success and people are queuing up to get an hour's slot with their loved one in it.

Tony Billingham - owner of Lapal House

Hypedome will remain a part of the beautiful care home once the pandemic passes, allowing residents to enjoy outdoors in any weather conditions.

To learn more about the our igloo dome in Lapal House please check following article from Halesowen News (click here).