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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Hypedome S?

What is the capacity of the Hypedome S?

What's in the box?

Do you ship to my country?

Is it difficult to build?

Can it be dismantled, stored and used again?

Is it rain resistant?

Is it wind resistant?

Can the Hypedome be used in snowy area?

Is Hypedome equipped with the door?

Does it come with a warranty?

What maintenance is required?

Climate control

Does Hypedome offer any ventilation openings?

Can I use the Hypedome on a hot, sunny day?

Is it possible to use A/C unit to cool the interior?

Can I use a heating source to warm up the interior?

Floor Base / Decking / Anchoring

Do you provide base / flooring for the Hypedome?

How is it anchored to the ground / base?

Making an Order / Payment / Delivery

How long will it take to deliver Hypedome to my location?