5 inspirations to use your Hypedome Garden Pod

If you are looking for different ways to transform your Hypedome, we have some great ideas to utilize and create your own unique garden oasis tailored specifically to your home needs. From kids playrooms to a workout area, you can transform your outdoor room at any given time, decorate it to your preference, and make it a cozy winter escape - even in the snow.  

This outdoor pod will become the focal point of any garden and there are limitless ways it can be used to create a unique space that is truly personalized to fit any style or activity for each individual. A truly one of a kind room that shelters from snow, wind, and rain, allowing you and your family to enjoy the outdoors all year long. So how can you use your Hypedome?

Outdoor Home Office

If you are looking for a home office, the space in the garden pod is large enough to fit a desk and other office furniture comfortably. Because the exterior is made from polycarbonate panels with a clever fish scale design, you can rest assured that all of your home office supplies inside will stay completely dry. Whether it’s conference calls, meetings, or some much needed quiet time to get your projects done, this area is the perfect atmosphere to conduct all of your work. Just run a power cord line from under the pod, hook up all your equipment, and get to work! 

Home Gym or Meditation Dome

Having a gym or personal workout space is a luxury that you can have with this dome. Stop rearranging furniture inside the house every time you want to get a training session in. Creating an area that you can use any time you need to break a sweat is a much better alternative to the basement gym or garage workout space. Away from distractions, the Hypedome provides the perfect setting for meditation and yoga. Having a sense of stability and routine can work wonders for your physical and mental health, especially as you navigate life working from home. All that’s needed is your workout equipment of choice.

Kids Playroom

If the kids are going crazy inside the house, this garden pod is a great way to promote outside playtime and learning. It’s the perfect place for storing toys and games. The kids can even leave their toys all over it and no one has to worry about cleaning them up! Plus, the dome makes a great alternative classroom for kids with daytimes exploring the garden and nighttimes spent stargazing learning about the universe. 

Greenhouse Garden Pod

If you have a green thumb, your garden dome could also be used as a greenhouse to grow food year-round. No matter which plants you want to grow, a heater can be added as needed to keep your vegetation growing through the winter months. Start growing so you can reduce the number of trips to the local market. Having a garden handy is a great way to get the kids involved in planting and growing. 

Dinner or Date Night Spot

Whenever you are feeling inspired, you can use your garden pod for a private romantic date night by adding battery-operated twinkle lights and candles to the table to create a perfect restaurant experience. If you want to take it one step further, you can host dinner parties for up to 8 people seated at a round table, an experience that would delight guests and provide memorable nights under the stars for all your friends and family. 

We’ve given you some of the more popular options for using the Hypedome but there are plenty of other options for this space like glamping or creating a reading nook surrounded by plants, even using the dome as a hot tub or jacuzzi cover. The choices are endless.  

This garden pod is the ultimate form of self-care that creates unlimited possibilities to have an outdoor space that can be constantly transformed over time based on your needs. The only difficulty is deciding which option to set up inside the dome!

Hypedome can make mundane experiences feel new and exciting time and time again.


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