Dining Igloo: The Willow Tree approach to coronavirus restaurant situation

Difficult situation sow creativity in restaurant owners who wish to remain afloat on top of the chaos caused by the outbreak.

Country Life recently featured our client The Willow Tree in Bourn (Cambridgeshire) who uses restaurant igloos by Hypedome not only to allow safe outdoor dining regardless of the weather but also to bring back customers with the unique dining experience.

It has been a huge success with all three domes immediately booked out for months in advance. 

To provide absolute comfort and safety, the domes were recently equipped with high-end heating and cooling air-purifiers. The H13 Hepa filters are able to catch 99,95% of particles, as small as 0.1 microns (coronavirus particle size is 0.125). Of course, there is no single solution against the viruses the domes are also disinfected and ventilated between each group. 

The author recounts the entire dome dining experience in details, with the following sentence doing a particularly good job in describing feelings of dining in the Hypedome:

As the sun was setting, the domes started to really come alive as they were caught by the early evening light, giving an intimate, cosy and almost magical feel that generated a tangible feeling of excitement from our fellow ‘domers’

- Country Life

The article ends with a confession that Shaina - the owner of The Willow Tree plans to bring another three domes with the intention of making a Winter Wonderland in the darker, colder months.

Indeed the additional domes are on their way to The Willow Tree and will be available for bookings very soon.