Hypedome Autumn Sale - The best time to get your outdoor pod is now!

When the autumn arrives, spending an extended amount of time outdoors becomes difficult  💧💨🥶

Hypedome lets you enjoy 360° views of undeniably one of the most beautiful yet temperamental seasons. Witness the ever-changing scenery without rain, wind or cold standing in your way.

To help you extend any outdoor season, we are launching a Hypedome Autumn Sale!

Hypedome photo courtesy of Jason from Plymouth

Autumn Sale Offer

• £350.00 / €415.00 / $475.00
off the dome price

• 25% discount on all accessories, incl. new additions!

• Free Shipping (UK & EU) 

 • One week delivery (UK & EU)

First 10 orders will receive one of our bespoke gift accessories free of charge!


No coupons required! Just visit our store and order now.

We've launched a set of NEW ACCESSORIES, also available with the 25% discount:

Crystal-clear Hypedome allows you to set up a all-weather outdoor lounge, a dining area, a reading room, a yoga space, or a garden office in a matter of hours.   

It’s a complete kit for self-assembly that offers 10 m2 or 7 m2 (Hypedome Mini) of beautiful, year-round space, even if you live in a windy and rainy area.

All prices presented on our website are the total costs you will be charged for your purchase. There will be no additional charges, fees or customs duties applied.

Our customers have the right to cancel their order within 30 days for a full refund. Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes.