Work OUT With Chris - Episode 5: Chest Workout at Home

Hypedome operations guy and workout enthusiast - by no means a fitness coach. 

Have you ever wondered how to do a good chest workout at home? You’re tired of pushups and you can’t go to a fitness club. You have a set of dumbbells that you use for other exercises, but what you’re lacking is a gym bench. I was faced with this exact challenge years ago and, today, I’m sharing my advice on how to overcome it.

Instead of cluttering my already small apartment with a clunky bench, I decided to buy a much more versatile swiss ball. Yes, I’m using a swiss ball as a substitute for a bench and in the video you’ll see three chest exercises that I’m mostly doing with it.

The big advantage of a ball is that it forces your stabilisation muscles to activate, which doesn’t happen when lying on a more stable surface. Not only it allows you to do a full chest workout at home using nothing more than a set of dumbbells. You can also, for example, sit on the ball and do your shoulder presses.

Furthermore, when talking about exercising at home or in a garden gym we have to take into account the practicality of each equipment. A swiss ball opens up the door to a whole separate series of routines for every single muscle group. And, it can be deflated at any time and stored away until you need it.